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Our local communities deserve more. From the city to the hills and the ocean to the bush, local environments should be protected, safe and secure housing for all, arts and culture should thrive and people should be effectively represented. But corporate lobbying and vested interests have taken our communities for granted, and it’s time for change.

Things are tough. The cost of living is sky-high and people are struggling to get by. The housing crisis continues to affect our communities and the climate emergency is ever-present.

We need constructive, sustainable and inclusive local responses to big problems. Will you help power this movement?

This October, vote for a Greens Councillor who will work for our local community, put people ahead of profits, and take real action to tackle climate change.

Your support is powerful - donate generously.


Hi, I'm Olivia Ball. 

I'm one of your Melbourne City Council candidates for the 2024 upcoming Local Government elections.

As a proud Greens Councillor on Melbourne City Council since 2020, my commitment to the values of the Victorian Greens runs deep. My expertise spans women's, children's, workers', refugee, and older people's rights, and I've dedicated my life to these causes.

Having been a part of this vibrant municipality for most of my life, I bring a local perspective to the forefront of Council. I champion health, housing, justice, equality, and a sustainable environment, aligning with the core principles of the Greens. I strongly believe that local government is a key driver for positive change, advocating for sustainable practices, community engagement, and social justice.

Together, we can lead Melbourne, the largest and most progressive city in Australia, towards global excellence in sustainability and liveability, while upholding the Greens' values of honesty, integrity, fairness, human rights, and environmental justice. 


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