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Help us turn Northcote Green again!

We’re less than 800 votes away from turning Northcote Green.

Last election there was a 4.3% swing towards the Greens in Northcote – we’ve turned Northcote Green before, and we can do it again. 

The Greens don’t take dodgy corporate donations like the major parties do — instead we rely on people like you to keep our campaign rolling!

 Your donation will be critical in ensuring we can get the message across to our community: that your vote is powerful. 

Northcote deserves an MP who will do politics differently. We can make the government go further and faster on climate change, on caring for Country, on affordable housing, on First Nations justice, and ensuring no one is left behind as we recover from the coronavirus crisis.

Campbell Gome

Greens candidate for Northcote

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