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Just 300 voters can turn Macnamara Green. Will you chip in to make sure it does?

This election, Macnamara is our most winnable seat in the country! Every vote is powerful. Every vote matters. 

The Liberals can’t win. This is a contest between the Greens and Labor and with your support we can take up the fight on the climate and cost of living crisis. 

We know we can win. Renters and young people are voting Green like never before. In Melbourne’s inner South, there’s more renters than nearly anywhere else in the country. 

While Labor is funded by the people who are causing the climate and cost of living crisis, big corporations - the Greens are funded by people like you. 

With your donation, you can help make history. 

With your support, our fighting fund will be able to invest in the massive people-powered movement we need to win here in Macnamara. 

We’ll use your generous contribution to invest in the resources and training we need to have thousands of vote-winning conversations with the community and deliver persuasive conversations to undecided voters. 

Please, chip in today, to change everything, we need everyone. 

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