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Will you donate to help elect the first female MP to our new electorate of Macnamara? 

We've just found out that the AEC is changing the name of our electorate from ‘Melbourne Ports’ to ‘Macnamara’, after pioneering medical scientist Dame Annie Macnamara.

This name change is great news, but unfortunately it also means we have to re-print all our "Steph for Ports" t-shirts, posters, flyers, and placards.

Our volunteer teams did such a great job of recycling all our materials from the last election that we were set to go, but we can no longer use anything that says ‘Melbourne Ports’. 

Your donation will help us fund the new materials we need for the upcoming election.

Thanks for your support,

Steph Hodgins-May, 
Greens candidate for Melbourne Ports / Macnamara

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